Dave’s is nationally famous for making the best custom seats you can buy.

Each and every seat is custom designed and made to your specifications and your needs. We can color match the seat or make it funky, with various animal skin materials. We have carbon fiber in many colors and we can even embroider your logo or name,Flames and Spiders for the Spyder riders. Check out the photos for ideas or give us yours. We take your seat and custom modify it to your needs then for the ultimate comfort we can install right into your seat word famous COMFORT MAX GEL with memory foam”.

Dave’s is proud to be the northern California dealer for SENA Blue tooth motorcycle intercom headsets. pair it up to your iphone / smart phone or ipod and enjoy whatever you want to listen to anywhere anytime right in your helmet. You can talk to your passenger or your friends riding along with you, hands free. SHOP AROUND WE HAVE THE BEST PRICES

Call 7 days a week for your SENA products and        CUSTOM SEAT QUOTES just ask for Dave 


For you riders in the east we are 3 hours earlier than you are we are here 9:00 AM to 8:00PM Pacific time.